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International Natural Healing Guidance Services
by David Klein, Ph.D., Zarin Azar, M.D. & Annette Davidsson

"The world leaders in guiding clients with Colitis, Crohn’s Disease and other
Bowel and Digestive Disorders to disease-free health since 1993."

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The Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center was founded in 1992 by Dr. David Klein, eight years after he permanently overcame eight hellacious years of advanced ulcerative colitis the all-natural way. Dr. Klein and his associate, Zarin Azar, M.D., have guided thousands of colitis, Crohn's and irritable bowel disease sufferers via phone and Skype to new lasting health without medicines.

Inflammatory bowel disease symptoms are signs that the body is vigorously attempting to purify and heal itself. Your body is designed to self-heal – in fact, the symptoms are signs that the body is desperately attempting to detoxify and heal itself. And it will do so when we stop poisoning our bowels, eat our natural diet and take rest. By eliminating toxic foods from our diet and life-sapping drugs, getting complete rest and following simple health-promoting guidelines, everyone can heal up and say good-bye to IBD and IBS! You can and yours can do this, and if you need our help, we are happy to guide you through it.

The self-healing program we teach is based on the health science system known as Natural Hygiene: the science and fine art of health. Natural Hygiene is based upon a correct understanding of human physiology and biology and the body's self-healing requisites. It has been around for 200 years. Hundreds of thousands of people who’ve applied the simple principles of Natural Hygiene have self-healed all kinds of gastrointestinal diseases, even after surgery was recommended. Natural Hygiene has worked in over 99% of the cases with which we have been involved, and it is our privilege to pass this liberating knowledge on to you and yours. There is no other program that works and results in long-lasting health. Self-healing is the way to go, because nothing can heal the body but the body itself. Most clients heal up within three to eight weeks via the Vegan Healing Diet Plan we teach, and most maintain superior health via the Vegan Post-Healing Diet Plan and our healthful living guidelines. Please don’t miss this opportunity to find out how simple it is to conquer inflammatory bowel disease – the only way: the natural way. After taking the site tour, please feel free to contact us. The answers to your questions are found in Dr. Klein's best-selling guidebook, Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s, and we are available to personally guide you to recovery and lasting health. We look forward to serving you and yours!

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